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Live smart in your dream home with state-of-the-art automation technologies to keep you safe, entertained and comfortable.

Hertz Integrated Systems offers Home Automation and Home Theater solutions for you by making the products and systems you already have and use every day work together. By integrating everything from lighting controls, music, home theater, climate control, security - smartphones and tablets - a smart house by Thasmai creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and provide added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

We provide most reliable and most secured wireless technologies. Our vision is " Devices can serve more when they are connected". Our Engineering team will program your home resources according to your requirements.

We are committed to excellence and unrivalled product choice. "Home Automation" is one of our based expertises in United Arab Emirates. Hertz makes your (home, building) "Smart". Give you security, convenience, comfort and luxury services.


  • Smart Lighting,Sockets and Curtains Solutions
    • Switching,Dimming,RGBW LED and Roller Shutter
  • Smart Locks Solutions
    • Door,Gate and Garage controller
    • Audio/Video Intercom
  • Smart Security and Alarm Solutions
    • Motion,Door,Windows and smoke
    • Temperature and Water leaking
    • IP CCTV
  • Smart Air Conditioning Solutions
  • Smart Multimedia Solutions

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  • Office 18, 1st Floor, CBI Building
    Electra St, Abu Dhabi
  • +971 2 639 3933
  • Email : info@hertzuae.ae

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